Trail Sharing platform is used for efficient digital equipment sharing between organisations. Sharing enables the whole local community to operate more efficiently and sustainably!

With Trail Sharing, you can share equipment with your trusted B2B partners. On the platform, your equipment is visible only to the extent that you determine and only to those partners you choose. Trail sharing platform can be implemented by any organisation that already uses Trail for managing equipment. 

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What benefits can be achieved through sharing equipment?

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  • Saved time and costs
  • A wider selection of available equipment
  • Improved sustainability
  • Improved use rate of equipment
  • Improved collaboration with trusted partners

How does the platform work?

When the equipment information is already in Trail, and sharing enabled, there are four simple steps to reserve equipment for booking.

1. Search and select items for your booking

2. Send a request to reserve to the owner of the equipment

3. Collect the equipment of the approved booking

4. Return the equipment to the owner after the booking

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The solution has been designed to smartly enable internal or external sharing for any organisation.

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Trail Sharing

How to get started with sharing platform?

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Explore more by downloading a whitepaper introducing equipment sharing

Explore the possibilities of asset sharing and collaboration. Consider what would be achievable for you and your local community.

Some of our happy customers:

Suomen Kansallisooppera
National Theatre London
Uniarts Helsinki
Göteborgs Operan
Scottish Opera
National Theatre of Scotland

Download the 1-pager to introduce the platform internally

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Trail Sharing

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The history of Trail Sharing platform

Trail Systems Ltd has supported customers in smart equipment management for already more than a decade. In the past few years, there has been an increased demand for elements improving sustainability in the solution.

During the fall of 2022, nine different performing arts organisations decided to join forces to build an innovation that would help them to improve the collaboration around equipment sharing - obviously, they had all already discovered Trail for their asset register. And that is where the story of Trail Sharing started. 

Trail Sharing has been an initiative organised by Trail Systems and involving 9 performing arts organisations from the Nordics, who are now already active users of both Trail and the Sharing platform. We warmly invite new organisations to explore the possibility of equipment sharing and smart equipment management, and are happy to arrange an introductory meeting. 

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