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Wise use of resources and circular economy is increasingly important. We need to decrease our environmental impact and, at the same time, be able to respond to the challenges caused by the component shortage and increasing inflation.

By sharing equipment, organisations are able to tackle these challenges while also cutting costs significantly. Obviously, this requires proper tools and processes.


For 2023, Trail Systems is preparing one of its history's biggest releases by publishing a platform for sharing equipment between organisations.

We are happy to offer you the possibility to be among the first ones to hear about the planned release and test it when it's out! Read about our Early Bird Offer below.

How will it work?

There will be four easy steps for those who use Trail sharing platform to share or book shared equipment:

1. Search and select equipment for a future booking

2. Send the booking request to the owner of the equipment for approval and confirmation

3. Collect the booked equipment

4. Return the booked equipment

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What are the Benefits of Trail Sharing?

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  • Cost savings 
  • Reduced time spent searching for equipment 
  • Smart resource availabiliy
  • Improved sustainability
  • Improved collaboration between sharing partners
  • Improved asset usage rate

NEW: The Early Bird Offer to kickstart sharing economy!

The first features for sharing equipment are out and with that, we released our Early Bird Offer to the new customers who are interested in getting a jumping start on managing and sharing equipment!

The offer includes Trail Equipment Management system as well as Trail Sharing extension and with this offer, the new customers are granted a capped price to the monthly fee for the Trail Equipment Management system as well as a 65% discount on sharing monthly fee. 

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Three key phases of getting started:

Phase 1: Select your sharing partners

  • Select the organisations, with whom you want to share your equipment in Trail
  • Create a network of sharing partners (sharing hub) who can view and reserve each other's equipment in their own Trail environments

Phase 2: Share your assets and book assets from sharing partners

  • Specify, which assets are available for other organisations
  • Browse and reserve your sharing partners' equipment 
  • Accept or reject the reservations your sharing partners have made to your assets

Optional phase 3: Set up a shared warehouse with sharing partners

  • Save warehousing costs by setting up shared warehouses
  • Specify the organisations that have access to the shared location in their Trail environment
  • Assign users who can manage the equipment located in the shared warehouse
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Download a free whitepaper exploring the power of sharing equipment!

Explore the possibilities of equipment sharing and take the time to consider the benefits for you and the community.

Some of our happy customers:

Suomen Kansallisooppera
National Theatre London
scottish_opera copy
Uniarts Helsinki


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Benefits for the subscribers

  • Keep updated on the latest development of Trail Sharing
  • Be the first one to know when the sharing platform is released
  • Receive a special offer for being among the first ones to test the new functionalities

Trail Systems Ltd

Trail Systems Ltd builds a better future by expanding the culture of sustainable asset operations - AssetOps. We help our customers to achieve their sustainability goals, reduce unnecessary purchases and lengthen the life cycle of individual assets.

Trail Equipment Management is a perfect solution for versatile equipment management needs and suits companies from all industries. Its current customers include, for example, Finnish National Opera and Ballet, the Finnish National Broadcasting Company Yle, Sydney Opera House and the National Theatre of London.

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